The real reason you’re not getting angel investment

If you’re a new entrepreneur, one of the easiest sources for financing is an angel investor. These can be known or unknown people to the entrepreneur but they are driven by the lure of returns later which makes them invest in the early stages of the business.

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Angel investment

Who is an angel investor? An angel investor is someone who invests in a new or small business venture. He or she provides capital for your startup or expansion. Typically, angel investors are people who have spare cash available and are looking for a higher rate of return than would be given by more traditional investments. An angel investor typically looks for a return of 25% or more.

Angel investment is a form of equity financing. It is the type of financing where the investor funds the business in exchange for taking an equity position in the company. Equity financing is normally used by non-established businesses that do not have sufficient cash flow or collateral with which to secure business loans from financial institutions.

The main advantage of angel investment is that it is much less risky compared to debt financing. Unlike a loan, invested capital does not have to be paid back in the event of business failure. And, most angel investors understand business and take a long-term view. Moreover, an angel investor is often looking for a personal opportunity as well as an investment.

However, the disadvantage of angel investing is the possibility that you’ll loss of the complete control as the part of the owner. The angel investor will have rights on your business management and will also receive a portion of the profits when the business is sold. With debt financing, the lending institution has no control over the operations of your company and takes no share of the profits.

Despite the disadvantages of angel investing, there are still many who want to get an angel investor, but unfortunately, they don’t know how to get one.

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I’m a small business owner and this is how I kickstart my day

Nowadays, it is no longer uncommon to see someone walk away from employment opportunities, no matter how great, in order to become a business owner. Although he or maybe confident in his or her decision to forge his or her own, uncharted path to successful business ownership, prosperity is not guaranteed.

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Morning routines

In business, there are the risks, roadblocks, and psychological challenges involved. Sadly, these roadblocks are enough to deter even the most confident entrepreneur with the best product offering.

Do you really want to become an entrepreneur? It is only you who can answer this question. If you want to become one, you should be prepared in taking risks to start a business. You should also learn how to adapt to the ever-busy business world.

 What really makes entrepreneurship difficult is because it is in you. Success is on you. Results are on you. Making the call, doing the things you don’t like to do, on you. So in order to redirect yourself from being an unconfident business owner to a productive, optimistic entrepreneur, you should start with having a daily morning routine.

The key to positive and productive days is to start them off right. Your initial actions lay the foundation for mediocre or extraordinary results. Most successful business owners create their own morning routines in order to have an energetic and productive day ahead, which in the long-run can become life-changer.

One of the most common things successful entrepreneurs do is by having a plan of action the night before. They then use this to-do-list on the day to figure out their priorities and do those first. Time flies so fast, so this makes sure that the most important tasks get done.

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Small Business Innovation

Innovation has been a hot topic in this century especially in business. But unfortunately, there are still some business leaders and entrepreneurs who don’t understand how to leverage innovation in small business. These individuals often believe that business innovation is for large companies that employ scientists and have a large research and development department. However, many small businesses can enjoy significant benefits from a well-designed innovation strategy.

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Small business innovation

In some cases, small businesses even have an advantage over large companies and corporations. Small business owners can do a better job at identifying and implementing innovative ideas simply because their ideas don’t have to undergo multiple layers of approval, unlike in large corporations. Smaller companies can often act quickly to utilise creative ideas and get those ideas into the market by incorporating them into the company’s product or service. This quick action gives the smaller company a competitive edge when they are “first to market” with a new product or a new feature.

Despite being small, your business can also have a number of loyal customers and followers. These followers can provide you with valuable word-of-mouth advertising as well as FREE marketing through discussions on social networking sites and customer review forums.

Being able to build a following of loyal customers also provides you with a source of ideas for new products and new features – directly from the customers that will buy those new products or services. You can ask your customers what features they would like to see in your products and ask about new products or services that would be of interest to them.

Innovation is so important. It can not only improve your existing products or services, but it can also solve certain problems, or help you reach new customers.

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When a work colleague has offensive habits

If you’re working for a company or an individual, chances are you have to work with other people. You have to deal with difficult people whatever team or workplace you are in. Or in worse cases, you will work with a colleague who has offensive habits such as being annoying, disturbing, or verbally and sexually abusive.

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Annoying workmate

Dealing with difficult co-workers, bosses, customers, clients, and friends is a skill worth knowing or even perfecting. Dealing with difficult situations at work is truly difficult, yet it is rewarding if you already know how to handle such situations.

When you increase your ability to deal with offensive colleagues at work, you can vastly improve your own work environment as well as your morale. You also make your workplace a better environment for other employees when you address the problems that a difficult co-worker is causing for the team.

Difficult people come from a different variety you can imagine. However, the proper way to deal with difficult people depends a lot on such factors as your confidence. It can also depend on how closely you must work with him on a daily basis, and your professional courage.

If you have worked with a colleague with offensive habits, you know how much productivity downer these kinds of behaviour and personal issues can present in the workplace. If you want to attain some happiness at work, you must address these issues.

The first thing you need to do during such situations is to work out whether your workmate’s habit is something easy or more challenging to put right. If your workmate’s habit is easy to ignore such as being noisy when eating something or talking to someone over the phone, you can simply turn your headphones on and ignore him or her. However, if the annoyance is worse than that and difficult to ignore, you should confront him or her about that already.


ASIC | Build your wealth

Let’s be honest. The biggest reason why you work so hard in your job or business is to make a lot of money. You want to become a millionaire. Every one of us wants that. It’s been in the back of your mind since you started thinking about having a job or having a business. The big question is how do you build wealth to make that dream come true?

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Build your wealth

In today’s modern world, investing in the right place is arguably the best way to build wealth. In other words, knowing what to invest, when to invest and when to move your investments out of that investment and into another is the most effective way of building wealth. However, this is not as easy as it seems. There are risks at all times so you need to know the ins and outs of the type of investment you are in – that’s the only way you can prosper regardless of what economic conditions might be.

Actually, the transfer of wealth can be followed by a predictable pattern; this has been the case since the beginning of civilization. So in order to build your own wealth, you have to understand the underlying principle which creates this pattern. By being able to do this, you can accumulate large amounts of wealth. Working smart can actually beat those majorities who work so hard but puts much effort in wrong places so they end up in frustration.

Even if you have zero dollars in your bank account, you can still build your wealth and you can start today. All you need to do is to educate yourself about how to build wealth by understanding the role human behaviour plays in governing the flow of wealth.

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Managing stress and anxiety

Running a business is not a walk in the park. All entrepreneurs know how stressful managing a business can be, regardless of its sizes and nature. Too much debt, problems with employees, issues with operations and equipment, lack of sales and misbehaving costumers are just some of the part of your business that have the potential to stress you out and keep you up at night.

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Stress and axiety

Finding ways to grow your business can give you pressure and it can continuously build up. Your brain will continue to work hard and all your problems and thoughts will be whirling around, making you anxious and tired.

When you own a business, you can’t escape getting stressed out. However, stress management can help you overcome all these bumps and the sooner you learn it, the better. There are a couple of things to keep in mind in order to battle the stress caused by entrepreneurship.

First, remember what’s going right. Most business owners focus only on the things that are going wrong. You can become stressed when you’re looking at all the things that are behind schedule, underfunded or need to be fixed. To improve your stress management in business, you can start by reminding yourself of the things that are going right. Take a moment to remember all the things that have gone right.

As an entrepreneur, you should learn how and when to take breaks. If you’re constantly working hard and thinking about how to make things right for your business and you are already getting stressed out, taking a short break might be all you need. Stepping away from the stressor for even 10 minutes can refresh and calm you. Taking a break can even prevent burnout.

Becoming your own boss is exciting and so rewarding but you have to keep in mind that stress comes along the way with such benefits. In order to fight against stress, you need to learn how to manage. Learn more about managing business stress from this article:

Look out! Here come the 10 hottest marketing trends for soloists

Nowadays, more and more individuals decide to leave the corporate world and become solopreneurs instead. Services such as consulting, coaching and freelancing are among the most popular kinds. In order to stay above the competition, solopreneurs have to make sure that their service is outstanding and can generate return customers.

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Digital marketing trends for soloists

But before you look for ways to innovate and improve your service, you first need to make yourself findable. In many ways, you can utilise digital marketing for solopreneurs and create your online presence. Today, the internet has paved the way for both marketers and buyers to look for products and services online; we also can shop online so conveniently.

For solopreneurs, marketing is just as important for businesses. You also need to communicate your value proposition to people who either don’t know about you or who need to be reminded of the unique value you can provide. In simple words, you need to market yourself in order to communicate your value.

Now that almost all customers turn online to look for products and services, every solopreneur like you should consider incorporating digital marketing. It is all about how, where, and to whom you communicate your value in the online world. This means your web presence, you social media accounts, your blog, and your email newsletter–anything where you click a button to publish something.

Effective digital marketing can help you find those who are paying to spend their money on whatever you are selling. Your goal is actually to communicate your value to these people. Hence you should also put into consideration that communicating with anyone else is wasting your time unless they can put you in front of these people either through referrals or introductions.

Digital marketing may seem complex and take a lot of time. But fortunately for beginners, it is not as overwhelming as it seems. Trends play an important role in the success of digital marketing campaigns. To help you out, here are 10 hottest trends you can use for your own benefit:

Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2018, International Energy Agency says

1We all know that greenhouse gas and carbon emission are the primary factors that catalyse global warming. That is why several natural environmental organisations from all over the world encourage everyone to reduce emissions.

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PHOTO: Global carbon emissions rose by 560 million tonnes last year. (Reuters)

Awareness is the first step we can do in order to reduce carbon footprint. We need to identify where and how these gasses are produced. We also need to know how we can change our human lifestyle so that we can reduce the production of such gasses. We can also slow down the rate of destruction of rainforests, so as to enhance the sequestration process. Under the sequestration process, on which scientists are working, carbon is locked up on a long-term basis.

What is a carbon footprint? It is the amount of carbon dioxide put into the environment by households and businesses. A carbon footprint is composed of both a direct or primary footprint and an indirect or secondary footprint. Our direct emissions arising from the burning of fossil fuels when measured give us the primary footprint. Meanwhile emissions from the life-cycle of products we use to compose the secondary footprint.

Typically, measuring carbon footprint production is done through the extraction of raw materials, producing the goods, and transporting and distributing them for final disposal with the ultimate consumer. This measurement process is called a carbon audit. It will list various activities relating to the business and quantify them in terms of tonnes of carbon produced.

Once measuring the carbon footprint of a certain business, and found out that it is producing a lot, the next step is to educate them on how to reduce that emission. Reduced use of gas, electricity, water, and oil apart from sourcing raw materials locally to reduce transportation will all help achieve this end.

Carbon emission has continued to increase and it can create a hazard to the planet. According to certain energy agencies, global carbon emission hits a record high last 2018. Read the full report here:

Protect yourself from scams

Have you heard about the word “scam” and “scammers”? Scam is popular these days especially in the business world. Scammers, or the people behind this crime, are the ones who create strategies on how they can get easy money from you. And as people become more aware about security and scam prevention, unfortunately scammers are constantly finding new ways to steal your money.

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They best way to avoid scams is awareness. If you know how these scammers work and how to look for whether something is a scam or legit, you are less likely to become one of the many victims of these crime.

One basic hint to keep in mind on determining whether something is a scam is when someone contacted you unexpectedly. Most scams start with an approach through a message or call you weren’t expecting. If someone contacts you out of the blue – whether over the social media, through the post, by email, on a website, in person or on phone – always consider the possibility that it may be a scam.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most scams promise their victims something. They promise things like easy money, great bargains, inside knowledge or a caring relationship. Once they’ve got your attention and interest to what they offered, they will eventually lead to a request for money or personal information. Scammers ask you to do things like enter details on a website, answer questions in a survey, or pay upfront for what they have promised.

Nowadays, the most common scams are done online. Unfortunately, because anyone can access the web, it’s not just nice people who you will encounter online. Criminals take advantage of the internet to trick you into giving over confidential information so that they can steal from you. It is an unfortunate reality, so it is really practical to be on your guard all the time and avoid sharing confidential, private information when online.

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Your 16-step guide to get cashed-up in 2019

The year 2018 has drawn to a close. Now, we’re already in 2019 and getting to grips with your financial affairs at the start of a New Year is always a good idea, as it will not only help you save money in the coming months. In addition to that, you could also find that you are better placed to make money from your investments.

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Planning is so important not only in business, but also in personal finance. The approach between the two is very similar even though it may seem strange planning for your finances as serious as what businesses do but it actually work.

With it comes to personal financial planning, you really don’t have to create an incredibly detailed plan with profit forecast to your household. You can just simply create a set of financial objectives for the coming year. Setting goals is one of the easiest yet most effective techniques to use in financial planning. Why? Because once you understand where you’re headed, you can figure out and work how to get there.

Budgeting is perhaps the most challenging and most boring part of financial planning. However if you get your budgeting right, then you will have more money available to enjoy yourself this 2019 and the following years to come. If you save enough, you can also create an emergency fund for the rainy days unexpected expenses.

Well, it is difficult to have a lifestyle matched by the amount of money you are making. Often when we take a good look at our finances, there are always things that we pay for that could be cancelled to save money. This may include unused subscriptions and memberships. All of these little expenditures in a month can soon add up, and you are essentially just throwing money down the drain.

Therefore, you need to stop wasting money and start saving it, or if you really cannot do that, then at least make sure you are getting full enjoyment out of the things you spend monthly money on.

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